Wireless Barcode Scanner with Stand

Wireless Barcode Scanner with Stand

Rs. 22000/=

Cameleon M24 wireless barcode scanner gives the user the freedom to move the scanner to the inventory instead of having to haul the inventory to the scanner, thus saving time and resources.

Additionally, the wireless scanner improves productivity by offering a longer scan range, sometimes up to 200 to 500 meters. And automatic gain control (AGC) circuit will improve the accuracy.

The built quality is very good with it's antiknock full quake proof design can withstand 2m drops. And the scan button is built to feel comfortable when pressing and the service life of button up to 5 million times.

The wireless scanner is plug and play easy to setup, only you have to plug the dongle into the USB port which comes with scanner. So it will pare with the device automatically. No need to install any kind of driver or software.